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This blog is dedicated to the ABCFamily couple, from the tv show The Fosters, Brandon Foster and Callie Jacob (Brallie)

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Brandon Foster : Season 1A & Season 2A

Brandon "Sassy" Foster

make me choose || asked by doglover90 

callie jacob or stef foster

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make me choose:

asked by rossfied: callie or mack

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make me choose

asked by anon: callie jacob or jude jacob?

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Make Me ChooseAsked by anon

   Callie Jacob or Fiona Gallagher

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What’s your favorite [scene that you’ve done?]

I really am a fan of the walk and talks. So there’s quite a few walk and talks that I’ve had with Maia that just are so fun to do. I think I, for some reason, like the action and also having this intense scene and moving.