i think we might be outlaws
This blog is dedicated to the ABCFamily couple, from the tv show The Fosters, Brandon Foster and Callie Jacob (Brallie)

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The universe isn’t against anybody. I know it feels that way right now, but I’m telling you, that’s not how it works. Life is a mixed bag. We all get some good and we all get some bad. The more time you spend figuring out all the ways that the world is trying to screw with you, well, the more you’re going to find. 

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brallie > kisses

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Make Me ChooseAsked by anonymous:

     The Fosters Season: 1b or 1a?


i will never get over callie/brandon goodbye,

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b. i. thinking about you by big scary | ii. skinny love by bon iver |iii. your call by secondhand serenade | iv. look after you by the fray | v. better life by paper route | vi. stubborn love by the lumineers | vii. hello my old heart by the oh hellos

c. i. shiver by lucy rose | ii. porcelain by lucy schwartz | iii. all i wanted by paramore | iv. heartbeats accelerating by coeur de pirate | v. come around by rosi golan | vi. this love by julia stone | vii. your song by kate walsh

b&c. i. when you find me by joshua radin ft. maria taylor | ii. without you by one two | iii. the last time by taylor swift ft. gary lightbody | iv. poison & wine by the civil wars | v. walking blind by aidan hawken ft. carina round | vi. with or without you by boyce avenue ft. kina grannis | vii. nuvole bianche by ludovico einaudi

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season 01 summer finale > season 02 summer finale

Brandon Foster : Season 1A & Season 2A

Brandon "Sassy" Foster

make me choose || asked by doglover90 

callie jacob or stef foster

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make me choose:

asked by rossfied: callie or mack

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